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      Latest News

      Greg Gragg Announces Development of Lever1 Management Company

      By: Blue Chair, LLC,January 05, 2012

      KANSAS CITY, Mo.,?Jan. 5, 2012?/PRNewswire/ — Blue Chair, LLC and?Greg Gragg, CEO, announce the creation of Lever1, a?Kansas City?based professional employer organization. After being named a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition in?June 2011?for the success of his flagship business, Gragg Advertising, Gragg now makes another company launch announcement, Lever1.

      “The opportunity for growth became obvious as Gragg Advertising has continued to grow at a rapid rate under my team’s management,” Gragg said. “Kansas City?is ripe for growth and I’m excited to take advantage of the city’s offerings.”

      While Gragg will hold the title CEO/Chairman,?Erica Brune?will be serving as Lever1 President. Brune has most recently served as Director of Operations at Gragg Advertising for the past three years, bringing more than a decade of experience in finance and office administration experience to Lever1.

      “Lever1will employ experts in all areas of business management. We’ll strive to provide the services that businesses need to succeed, allowing small business owners to focus on their own areas of expertise,” Brune said.

      Initial Lever1 clients include: Thermo Interactive, Gragg Advertising, River Market CrossFit and 4th?and Locust, LLC.

      In 2012, Lever1 will work to expand its offerings to match the needs of new clientele, whether those needs are payroll and benefits administration or product development.

      About Lever1

      Lever1 is a?Kansas City-based professional employer organization (PEO) providing a multitude of resources for small businesses across the country. Integrated services enable business owners to cost-effectively outsource the management of human resources, office management, product development, accounting and public relations/marketing. Learn more by contacting?ebrune@www.zhiwei11.com.cn.